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Spodbox is Dead, Long Live Spodbox

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

I think I’ve found the reason I was looking for…

What seems a long time ago. When the web was new(ish), before anyone paid me to worry about any corners of it, when Internet projects were human interest stories at the end of the local news, a friend of a friend let me have some space on his web server, Spodbox. It was a hodgepodge of things I was interested in. It had different coloured backgrounds and designs for different parts. I played around with it. There were horrible typos. I didn’t take it seriously.

Eventually Spodbox went to the place old computers go and we were all sad. Then along came Mudhole and everything was shiny.

Then the Internet became my day job and bit-by-bit I ignored my web site, my interest slowly eroded. I helped friends set them up and did them for events. I worked on it day and night.

Maybe this blog is a way of finding my way back to the wonder in the World Wide Web. So I’m going to make a new web site just for me. And I promise to stop ending sentences with ellipses so often. I’ll leave them for my friend Kim Rees

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