Odds and Ends

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
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A bit of a bitty day today.

Warmer but raining instead.

Testing code at work that takes time to do a run so much twiddling of thumbs.

Tried a chicken korma recipe that took my head off. Still it cleared my sinuses.

Enjoyed the new BBC2 show”It’s Not Easy Being Green” especially the water wheel.

And Kim’s sold another story. The blog police may be knocking on her door…

“Can we have a word miss. There seems to have been a complaint. The title of your blog, how shall we put it, a little bit of a fib. You have been writing and we hear even selling your work. The super would like to have a word with you down at the station. Just wants to check your artistic licence is in order”.

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One Response to Odds and Ends

Kim Knox Thursday, March 30th, 2006

They'll have a fit if Berkley bites... but then so will I *grin*

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