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Coming Soon to ITV 1: Serious and Organised

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

It may just be me but behind all the serious talk today about the launch of SOCA there was a faint hint of a wink and a smirk. As though a few civil servants who like 70 and 80s cop shows had come up with it after a heavy night of drinking…

“Ya know what the problem with police recruitment today is?”


“Cop shows.”

“What ya mean The Bill, Waking the Dead and the one in a village with the entire UK annual murder total?”


“Aint nothing wrong with them”

“There all so grim and intellectual though. We need something with some punch, some action some glamour.”

“What like the Sweeney and the Profesionals.”


An hour later the whole thing had been scrawled on the back of an envelope…

  • A cool sounding acronym “SOCA”
  • Law enforcement officers or Agents not Policemen
  • The powers of the police, customs and imigration service
  • Make life hell for the Mr Bigs world wide
  • Operate undercover
  • Operating around the world
  • Targetting Drug-smuggling, Money Laundering and People Traficking

So coming soon to ITV 1: Serious and Organised

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