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Serious and Organised: the Set Up

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

So what does our hypothetical show need to make it a hit. First a pair of tough crime fighters. But this isn’t the masogonistic 70s so one will be a woman. She’ll be hard as nails, dug from the same quarry as Buffy, ex special forces. For a bit of a role reversal he’ll be more of a pretty boy, the charmer and undercover expert. They will have cool gadgets and fast cars. Their boss will think of them as loose cannons he can barely control but secretly he’s a big fan. There will be someone at work who doesn’t like them. Someone with an agenda.

Now this isn’t the 20th Century. We’ve seen how shows like ER and CSI can develop an ensemble cast of supporting characters who we come to know and love. They’ll need:

  • Tech support/computer
  • An armourer
  • A forensics expert
  • Maybe a psychologist
  • An accountant to follow the money
  • Other squad members for backup and leg work

And so it will sell to the US it will have guns. Lots of guns. Big guns.

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