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Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Last night both my PCs were running full time rendering different versions of the same picture till I got one version I liked so I couldn’t post this till now.

I spent the first half of the day resolving all those issues from Friday (Too many Ideas: Todays a Lemon and I’d like my Money Back), the usual Saturday chores, watched some TV and spent the rest of the evening playing with a picture in Vue 5 Infinite. I’ll post it here soon. Light bulbs and connectors I got sorted out easily enough…

The fun one was trying to get my credit card payment through to Daz for Hexagon 2 while it’s on special offer. I called the company and they’d blocked the card because of Unusual Activity which turned out to mean the March Madness sale at Daz a few weeks ago. After a long piece of Vivaldi and a short time going through my records they unblocked the card. So I wait a while and try to buy it again. This time I get the same problem so back on the phone I go. After some more Vivaldi I end up talking to someone higher up the food chain because the case has been escalated by an automatic system despite the block being taken off. It’s put it back on again. They start to go through my transaction history right back to when I got the card querying every payment to Daz. After a few I enquire politely if they intend to check every one of my payments to Daz over the period of several years they explain that’s exactly what they are planning on doing. I suggest that will be a lot of transactions and maybe I’d have noticed I was paying Daz money on the bills and would have reported it a while ago. They say they are concerned I might have missed small transactions being slipped through. After a little more too and froing I persuade them that we will be here all day and I’m happy with all my payments to Daz. Good to know their on the ball stopping someone ripping me off although it took them several weeks from the end of the sale to actually put a block on my card. So I finally got to buy Hexagon 2 while it’s still at the very special $1.99 price. Then I just had to wait two hours for it to download.

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