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Todays a Lemon and I'd like my Money Back

Friday, April 28th, 2006

So today just doesn’t seem to like me…

I go to B&Q to get some stuff I need. I ask an assistant to help me make sure I’m getting the right stuff. I get it home, eat yada yada yada. First the "Universal Connector" won’t connect to what it’s supposed to. So after a significant amount of trying I switch to plan B. I then discover I need to of the alternate type of connectors but I’ve only got one. So job 1 can’t be done till I go and spend more money. Fair enough. I’ll do that tomorrow. Next I go to replace a light bulb but when I get the spare out of the box it turns out to be screw not bayonet fitting and the same for the other spare. The box says bayonet. So scrub job 2 till tomorrow. So I try to do job 3 of putting a gluing some self-assembly furniture back together that’s come apart. Except the wood glue I though I had has set solid in the pot. Scrub job 3 till tomorrow. I still need to tidy up the bombsite that my kitchen is from trying to do job 1…

So I try to buy Hexagon 2 on special offer from Daz but somewhere in the wibbly wobbly world of web shopping it decides not to take my payment. No Hexagon at the special price for me till at least Monday.

So I think. Do something different. So I download a free music programme my Dad pointed me at. With just a few minutes work I’ve got a little score into it and I think I’ll play around and see what I can do with it. Except it comes out sounding like a composer of modern orchestral music has gotten their hands on it. A little research later and I discover I need to buy a new sound card to hear my composition play properly because I skimped on the sound card when I bought my current computer and this one doesn’t handle midi very well.

I really should try to write something but I’m in a mood now and it would just be cruel and unusual punishment to inflict this on one of my leading characters.

So I’m going to skive off and play some Civ. On an easy level. How bad can that be?

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