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So this is how Treachery Feels?

Friday, April 21st, 2006

I signed up a Live Journal account today just so I could leave a comment on a friend’s journal. Then I did a quiz and it gives me this result…

You scored as The Treacherous Mastermind. You are Arvin Sloane from Alias a devious double crossing mastermind. You have betrayed everyone you have ever known, but you have been damn good at it. However, you always seem to get yourself in the right place to ensure the good guys always need you for something.

The Treacherous Mastermind 88%
The Spymaster 88%
The Freelance Agent 81%
The Backroom Boffin 75%
The Patriotic Agent 75%
The Reluctant Agent 69%
The Undercover Agent 63%
The Cold Agent 63%
The Suave Agent 50%

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