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Too Busy for a Witty Title

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

I’ve had a pretty productive day. Got up this morning knocked off about half of a section of my new web site showcasing my old web sites. Covered all the personal ones I just need to dig out pictures of the work ones now. The ones that are still under way will be easy but the ones from January 1997 may prove harder to locate. Did the usual chores. Managed to buy the wrong kind of light bulb fitting because the boxes were wrong so back to the shop tomorrow they go. Did a load of stuff to promote this blog too. Played with poser a bit. Watched the new Doctor Who on BBC 1: the ending didn’t suffer from my biggest gripe about the revived show. Some of the stories have had endings that frankly, while fun, didn’t make a huge amount of sense. This one was nicely put together as the plot built to it and it didn’t feel tacked on. After that I’ve been picking out and tweaking clip art for my new site till I get time to make my own pictures for it. I’m going to revive a card game I put together back in 2000 to add to the web site tomorrow. Then I’m going to play some Civ or watch a DVD or otherwise stop thinking.

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