Mission Mundane

Sunday, May 14th, 2006

So having gotten my thought on Mission Impossibe (like anyone cares) off my chest here is the rest of my Sunday.

Two or maybe three hours spent doing some really boring reading about my pension including House of Commons reports (Dull), company statements (Dull and Unhelpful) and campaign web sites (Biased). Time I’ll never get back but hopefully will make life better something over thirty-five years from now. I’m not even that old yet. Part of me wishes I could do the whole immature ignore it and it will all sort itself out thing but that just isn’t me.

A bit of playing with some animations but nothing I’m really happy with yet. I can make the VueDynamic script do some cool things but I need to make the other parts of the animation cool that show them off otherwise they will just look poor.

A bit of editing too – in fact I almost did a complete edit of Arǽdan which works a lot better than before. Just need to edit the climax. Then I’ve got two scenes to write earlier both action scenes of sorts and both important to revealing the character’s inner turmoil and change.

And I got more hits on my blog for the word breasts. I’m only mentioning this because I find it funny that by using the word breasts the stupid search engines drop people in here who clearly have other things on their minds. So just for all of you out there who are adding to my hit count in a meaningless way here is that word again BREASTS. I feel like a schoolboy shouting a naughty word over and over. Sorry couldn’t resist; not after doing the pension thing earlier.

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