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V5I: VueDynamics Script

Sunday, May 7th, 2006
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Note: Vue Dynamics is no longer available.

A script for Vue 5 Infinite that can create a number of animation effects for selected objects. The script can be downloaded from

I’ve made two quick demonstration animations:

The simulation uses simple Newtonian physics. The following forces can be applied to objects are:

  • Gravity
  • Wind
  • Random
  • Air Resistance
  • Starting Force

Gravity force is down on the Z axis but if a negative number is used is up. This force doesn’t change from one key frame to the next.

Wind force is applied to all the objects and varies from one key frame to the next. It is not based on the wind settings for the atmosphere as there isn’t a way to access these from Vue’s python.

Random force is a force in a random force with a random direction generated for each object for each key frame.

Air Resistance works against Gravity force but increases the effect of Wind force.

Starting Force has a random magnitude and direction. Each object begins the animation with this force applied to it.

If you’re using the script to animate objects in a metablob don’t try to select all the objects in the metablob. This results in all the objects getting the same animation as the metablob object itself becomes animated. Instead add a dummy object to the metablob then select all but one the dummy object and apply the script to them and then delete the dummy object.

I’ll see what the feedback on this version is and then decide what to do in the next version.

For a simple introduction to using Vue Python scripts see my Vue Python for Beginners tutorial.

This script is a development of V5I: Random Walk Script.

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One Response to V5I: VueDynamics Script

Anonymous Sunday, May 7th, 2006

Mark - this is truly excellent work! Thanks again for so generously giving back to the community - it is very much appreciated!
- Roderick Davies -

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