Teppanyaki Superman

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

I’ve tried Sushi Restaurants and Noodle restaurants in the past. I’d never had Teppanyaki before. Went to the Teppanyaki Sapporo on Duke Street (Liverpool) after Superman last night. A bit pricey but the show put on by the chefs as they cooked our food in front of us was really good. If you want to know more DarkDwarf goes into more detail in his cunningly titled Superman and Teppanyaki.

Superman Returns didn’t try to start a new series just to restart an old one with better visuals. The use of music and even footage from the earlier films helped make this a progression. Things have moved on while Superman has been away which made for an interesting twist on the story too. Kevin Spacey stole every scene he was in and was well supported by Parker Posey and assorted other henchpersons. This may have been slightly to the detriment of the film though because it left me feeling Clark Kent/Superman, Lois Lane, Jimmy and the other characters we were supposed to be rooting for were just a bit dull and underdeveloped so I wasn’t so bothered when they were in mortal danger. Still a good film.

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