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Death Scene Monologue and Keats

Monday, October 30th, 2006

In the process of bumping off a minor character in the Fairy Tale Noir I decided he deserved a bit of a monologue before he goes. However he’s both a bit of a geek and has a bad habbit of wandering way off the point. So he wanders and I needed to do some research because he’d wandered onto a topic I know nothing about. Through the wonder that is google I followed his train of thought from sponge fingers to a quote from an unfinished work by Keats, The Cap and Bell. There I got stuck as I couldn’t find a copy of the poem. Fortunately some persistence and more googling and I’ve tracked down the whole work on Google Books. Oddly it turns out to be about the fay. So now I’ve got Keats’ work to weave into the Fairy Tale which I wasn’t expecting.

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