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And in a Packed Saturday…

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Well I’ve had a busy day of doing all the usual Saturday stuff plus messing around with Vue quite a bit. I’ve sent off a draft of a picture that hopefully will be used for the next Ragnarok. I’ve tried out a couple of little ideas I wanted to play around with. I’ll share one of them here. A stab at displacement mapped grass for Vue 6.


The high point of the day though had to be one of the many members of the public on the BBC’s Comedy Map of Britain who said that fans made crusades to Ronnie Barker’s antique shop near Chipping Norton. A simple confusion of crusade with pilgrimage or a deliberate miss speaking? It had something of one of Ronnie’s sketches about it. I could see a little antique shop with Mr Barker as Albert Arkwright inside besieged by Knights, quite probably of a very Monty Python’s Holy Grail quality.

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