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STEEPVM Ecology, Politics, Values and Mystical

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007


The playfield of disaster stories, the ecology and environment looks at changes to ecosystems, climate change, extinctions, evolution and the interconnectivity of many factors. Supernatural and mythical creatures place and effects in an ecosystem may appear here.


Like economics changing political systems is rarely the stuff of science fiction but its popular with counterfactual historians. Political changes can include changing styles of government, election, values in government, the use of power, the balance of state with citizen and many more juicy questions. Topics to consider include international, country and regional positions; laws and standards; law enforcement; political acceptability; and lobbying.


Values covers a wide and varied set of concepts many of which cross over with politics and social headings. It covers changing attitudes, social mores, organisational cultures (do officials accept bribes or are other favours expected), how valued are teams and personal values. You may want to consider religions, corporate responsibility, ethics, taboos and that modern press favourite the work / life balance.


Mystical is my addition to the system to include all those things that are inexplicable in the STEEPV system. It includes psychic powers, magic, monsters and super powers all fall into the mystical category. Religions may appear in this category if gods are active or have direct influence on the setting.

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