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Tim Berners-Lee v Congress

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I was checking some technical documents on the W3C web site and ran across this news report earlier "
Tim Berners-Lee Speaks on Future of the Web to US Congress". The image reminded me of the footage of the House Un-American Activities Committee that was used so effectivelly in Good Night and Good Luck.

So since it’s Friday and while I’m effectivelly disconnected for the weekend by Oranges "Known Fault" that seems to be require them to re-cable the entire Western Hemisphere to fix I thought I’d leave a little competition to come up with a short clash between HUAC and TBL. Here’s my stab at it…

Mr Berners-Lee I put it to you that you are the inventor of the World Wide Web, a device for the spread of pornography, filth, video games and Communism.

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