Dr Who – Gridlock

Sunday, April 15th, 2007
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Caught up with last nights Doctor Who which was a cracking episode. A good episode but maybe not as good as the first two because "The Shakespeare Code" and "Smith and Jones" went to more trouble to establish a solution to the problem in the plot rather than The Doctor pluging wire A in to socket B and everything (after a dramatic failure and a little self sacrifice) is OK. Still a good episode. As to the cryptic ending either there are some Time Lords out there somewhere or my somewhat warped suggestion that The Krillitane that swooped on The Doctor in "School Reunion" stole some Time Lord DNA and are going to emerge as the new bad Time Lords.

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2 Responses to Dr Who – Gridlock

Mark Monday, April 16th, 2007

Anthony Head as The Master. I can see that working. Giles was at his most interesting when his dark side came out. Not his youthful alter ego but the Giles that would go further than Buffy to see the job done.

I'd not noticed Saxon but your the one with the track record for picking up on those threads...

Kim Knox Monday, April 16th, 2007

ooh, nice theory. Anthony Head is narrating the Dr Who Confidentials - which usually means that he will appear again.

Though we were hoping for the Master... unless *he* becomes the Master. Which would be cool.

We've had Bad Wolf, and Torchwood and the important word this series?

I think it's Saxon.

Just wondering if Saxon and Anthony Head are one and the same...?

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