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Saturday, April 28th, 2007

A few little modifications on my impworks site today. Added the new Sitemap line to my robots.txt file not a huge change but hopefully worthwhile. If you’ve got a site and are using an XML sitemap this simple modification to your site’s robot.txt file of a line like:
Sitemap: <Site Address> (so for my impworks site Sitemap: This is another way of letting the search engines know that your site has a sitemap. Having a sitemap makes it easier for the search engines that use the sitemap to find your pages. Some, such as Google and Yahoo, also provide tools that give you information about how they see your site and these tool use the sitemap file too.

I’ve also finished a script to generate an xhtml sitemap from my xml sitemap. The CSS for it needs polishing but I expect it will be live tomorrow.

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