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Mass Convert 0.5.1 Now with GUI Goodness

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Here is the first of my Vue Python scripts rewritten to add a proper interface, MassConvert. Although this isn’t the most useful of my scripts, the one with the most downloads, the one with the most requests for changes or my favourite script I’ve done it first. Why? Because this was the script that covered many of the features of writing a GUI that I wanted to cover without being too big a project to do as my first script.

To use it you’ll need to have wxPython installed for Vue on your computer. I’ve not packaged it in with MassConvert for this release, I may do in the future, but for now you’ll need to have either SkinVue or the VueToolbar installed which include wxPython. This is just to make my life easier as I won’t need to support anyone who has any problems installing wxPython just in case anyone finds any problems with the MassConvert script.

To instal the script just unzip it onto your computer and then call the python script in the usual way. If your not sure what that is I’ve written a tutorial to help on Using Vue Python: Vue Python for Beginners.

Once you run it you’ll need to select the directory to import the files types to be converted from and the directory to export them to. Then select the filetypes to be imported and exported. Then click the convert button and let the script do the hard work for you. There is a README file with more information in the Zip file and help built in to the MassConvert too.

Download it from my web site Vue MassConvert

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