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Monday, August 13th, 2007

Yes it’s another pointless web thing but I’m wiped out for no readily apparent reason. I’ve just made two posts over on the Vue News blog. The rest of the evening was lost trying to find some CAD software that wasn’t going to break the bank but that did basic drawing in a way that I’d not want to throw my computer out the window. All I want to do is some simple technical drawings. I don’t need pro level software. For a minute I thought AutoSketch 9 might be the solution because while it’s 3 years old it does do what I want and appeared to be around £60 after currency conversion. Then I checked some reviews and found the export functions are still not up to scratch. Not that it mattered the download version isn’t available to the UK and I’m not paying £170 for the boxed version. I’m off to bed now before I end up with a keyboard face interaction.

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