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Are they trying to tell me something? Or is Life Complicated?

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
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There was a letter through my front door this morning addressed to Mr Pizza Lover. Junk mail from Domino’s Pizza (a national chain of pizza shops) announcing their new outlet near here. The leaflet says Save Over £176.37 (the 37p is a nice touch although I’d say rounding it to £176 isn’t going to make many people change their mind about how good an offer this is) so I thought I’d have a read. It includes 25 vouchers for various special offers: the ususal stuff money off, free pizza, free garlic bread, free bottle of coke etc. The offers expire on September 20th and today is 15th. So I have 5 days to use 25 vouchers. No more than one voucher can be used for an order. They are open 12 noon to 11pm seven days a week. In order to use all their offers I’d need to place 5 orders a day. I havn’t worked out how much pizza I’d have to eat or how much I’d have to spend but it’s a lot. I’d have to order a pizza each evening to have for breakfast cold the next day. Maybe I can have a couple more pizza cold on the 21st. All in all it doesn’t sound like a very healthy diet. In fact it sounds more like a Weird Al song…

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One Response to Are they trying to tell me something? Or is Life Complicated?

Open Grove Claudia Saturday, September 15th, 2007

How funny! And you know the guys would really eat all that pizza. I'd probably say, "yeah" then throw it into the dumpster behind our house or leave it for a homeless person. Weird Al....

Hate Dominos, btw. Have to eat it at my evangelical in-laws house. I think it's the pizza, but it might be the company.

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