Christmas Ambiance

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Went out with a few friends for a pre Christmas drink in Liverpool tonight. We met in a city centre pub for convenience. We might have stayed there if they hadn’t hired the kind of DJ who finds it hard to mix from one track to the next and tries to cover it up by playing the music as loud as possible. However he seemed to be popular with the group of already inebriated women at a nearby table who were constantly running in and out of the pub for a cigarette.

The second pub we visited was a more sedate atmosphere free of music until a small choir began singing carols. Now I’m picky about carols in pubs. If your going to ask me for money I want to at least hear you make an effort. I have a mental tick at the first hint of carols these days from too many choirs gone bad. However for once I was soon enjoying some of the best carol singing I’ve heard in Liverpool.
I think they said they were the Philamonic Choir but I could be wrong and they were singing to raise money for Shelter. They really gave the end of the evening a special ambiance.

As I was walking past the first pub we’d been to to get the last bus home I noticed the same women dancing to the same song that had been on as we left three hours earlier. So I think they had the ambiance they were looking for too. Hope they had as good an evening as we did.

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