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Bad Business uses Bad Science to excuse Bad Practices

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

This story appeared on the BBC web site today
Green light for long-haul scampi? but it fails to answer the question in the title. The problem with it is that there are other interpretation that can be drawn from the information provided:

  • Even more enviromentally friendly would be scampi hand processed in the UK. This would probably be too expensive to be economically viable.
  • The machines available to do the job are horribly inefficient and someone should develope better machines. If the machines are really bad then making a more efficient machine might not be too hard.

Given current predicted trends in worldwide wage convergence the kind of economic factors that make this kind of industrial process viable will vanish within 50 years. Of course there may not be that much call for scampi by then if this kind of sloppy science, economics and engineering continues to be used to excuse such ludicrous business practices.

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