Arthur C. Clarke

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

I’m an avid reader althought I don’t find the time I used to lose myself in a good book. However there were only a small number of writers whose complete works I read in my youth, amongst them: Asimov, Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Harry Harrison and C.S. Forester. With the sad passing today of Arthur C. Clarke only Harry Harrison is still with us.

Clarke’s characters may have often been more instrumental as agents of a plot and they certainly didn’t spend all their time worrying about the trivia of life but he was writing for a different market in a different time with different many more unacceptable topics and subject mater that was off limits even to science fiction writers. Some critics say his character’s are unbelievable and they may not be the finely drawn studies of humanity found in some literary fiction but then many real life scientists and technologists might come across the same way. He leaves behind a body of work that is still worth reading today.

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