The Plot Vanishes

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Prosaic plot twists, stilted dialogue, unbelievable characters, outmoded attitudes and sinister bad guys who are rotten foreigners to boot! No not the latest sequel from Sylvester Stallone but the 1938 Hitchcock classic The Lady Vanishes which I’ve just been to see at the Liverpool Philharmonic an action, comedy thriller from another time. I enjoyed it, although not as much as the people in the row behind who may have drunk a little too much before coming to the show. The quality of some of the model work was excellent, even by today’s standards and would embaress some computer graphics work I’ve seen in modern films. The plot suffers because many of the original twists and turns have since been reused so often that they have gone beyond cliche. Still I suspect that Miss Froy might give Bond or Bourne a tough time in a fair or an unfair fight.

If I ever get round to doing new work on Under Stairs Over Stairs an adventure in the style of The Lady Vanishes could prove to be fun.

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