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Doctor Who: Planet of the Ood and other Time Travelling Adventures

Saturday, April 19th, 2008
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Another Saturday night, another episode of Doctor Who using one of the classic Doctor Who styles: Doctor and assistant run around chased by guards while the story unfolds. Fortunately there were none of the shaky sets that used to come with those stories in the old days and even better none of the bad green screen work from the first two episodes of this years run. A well put together episode with a few modern moral lessons thrown in and symbolism that was almost too heavy but wasn’t pushed too hard especially given the tea time slot.

And now for this weeks Doctor Who related grumble *1 … I do wonder if the schedulers know what their up to: moving the time the show is on each week so far this year seems a little cavaliar. I know its supposed to be "a gateway to Saturday night TV" but do you move the way into a fun fair each week? If you do will you notice the people who go to the wrong place and arrive late or not at all because its a success anyway?

Going off on a complete tangent I was shopping in M&S today looking for some clothes. I’d swear the v-neck jumpers they were selling were exactly the same as I was wearing in 1986 right down to the garish colours and the synthetic fabric mix. I know time travels the in thing with Doctor Who and Ashes to Ashes on the telly but we’re in real trouble if mens’ fashion design has slipped back to the mid-80s. Whats next a Snood revival with Nick Kershaw *2 fronting the M&S ads? Its not just a bad fashion statement it’s a Marks and Spencers taste disaster…

well they fixed the FX but what would Saturday be without a little rant.

with all due respect to Mr Kershaw whose new albums I still buy and whose music has been amongst my favourite choice for writing to for years.

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One Response to Doctor Who: Planet of the Ood and other Time Travelling Adventures

Anonymous Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Completely agree about M&S, having been in my local branch recently, and trekked up the the menswear - it's "the land that taste forgot".

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