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Be Very Very Quiet…

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I was walking home tonight from work and walked into a street I walk down most nights. Now its not winter there are usually people in the street when I walk down it. Tonight isn’t unusual there are kids playing in the street, someone is unloading their shoping from a car and two girl who have a basket ball are occasionally passing to each other across the street while they talk. Three more girls turn into the street from the far end, the one in the middle is carrying something but its hard to see what from a distance.

As I pass the ones with the basket ball and one of them yells to the newcomers, "What have you got there?"

The one in the middle of the group of three says something back but its hard to make out what. The first one yells back "What did you say?"

The middle one says something indistinct again and this time the first one yells back "What?"

I’m getting closer to the group of three now and I can see that the middle one is carrying a large, grey rabbit which is casually chewing on the stalk of a flower. The middle one raises her voice a bit "I’ve got a rabbit Don’t shout you’ll scare him."

The girl starts to bounce the basket ball on the road and again shouts back "What?"

I was coming up to the three girls now. I could see the girl in the middle was about to reply again but the girl next to her who’se the smallest of the group by far opens her gob and at the top of her voice yells back "Its a rabbit, don’t shout you’ll scare him and don’t bounce that F’ing ball either."

The street went silent for a moment. The girl holding the rabbit unconciously tightened her grip on the rabbit.

I swear the rabbit was the only living thing in the street that didn’t react.

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