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Rhapsody in the Trafford Centre?

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Someone must have been short on ideas when they made the advert for the Trafford Centre I just saw. First some uninspired footage of clothes. Second an innane voice over. Third a script about a formula. Forth add a bit of mathmatical notation to The Trafford Centre’s name at the end. Finally top it all off with Rhapsody in Blue trying to fight through behind the voice over. None of the elements had any cohesion with any of the other elements. If you’re going to use something like Rhapsody in Blue you’ve got to pull off something like Manhattan – and I mean the Woody Allen film not the cocktail. Certainly not a shed full of shops with little architectural merit on the edge of Manchester.

All it sold me was putting Rhapsody in Blue on to listen to and maybe watching Hell is a City later because of its unlikely, but successful, combination of ’50s Manchester and a jazz sound track…

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