Consort Review

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Having finished The Translated Man I felt like reading some more fiction so I’ve just finished reading Kim’s latest novella Consort.
Skipping quickly past the rather cliched cover. Not that its badly done but it reminds me of racks of second hand romance books in charity shops. At least with an e-book its not there on the shelf for visitors to see and you can skip printing that page.

Its not obvious from the cover (which at least means its not a total cliche – no blood – no fangs) that this is a vampire story.
Clearly Kim has gotten past her worries about writing the naughtier bits of romantic fiction. I’ve not counted but I’d say half to three quarters of the pages could be rated on the Scoville scale. We’re not talking Bell peppers either more something in the Tabasco pepper to the Naga Jolokia. Yet somehow Kim manages to keep the plot moving too even in amongst all the main characters hormones. And she subverts her favourite tea related scene into something a bit different this time too.

Back in the 80s the Guardian ran a series of jokes about Amstrad launching weird devices combining different white goods the PC and Tea Maker. I’m wondering if Amazon won’t need to release a Kindle with Fire Extinguisher and integral Cold Shower if Kim keeps putting out work like this…

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