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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


I noticed awhile ago that I was blogging less.  Partly I put it down to frustration with the time it took me to add a page to my web site.  If I couldn’t easily add a page about something I didn’t need to blog about the page.  Partly it was a disatisfaction with the blog and site not being integrated.  Partly it was a concern about what I was blogging about.  I like posting about fun little discoveries – you tube videos, interesting web pages, announcement and all the other stuff thats going on.  However I was always picky about how much of it I posted.  I knew it could easily swamp out my own stuff in a huge noise to ratio disaster.  Its bad enough that I choose to post on several different themes I’m interested in rather than focusing on one theme.  Thats why I use categories and tags to classify my blog posts.

So I delt with the first two problems by switching my site to using WordPress as a Content Management System.  I know some people will say WordPress isn’t a CMS.  Frankly if it isn’t a Web CMS then every other Web CMS I’ve ever worked with isn’t either including the one those people are touting.  Yes it’s a blogging platform but that doesn’t stop it also being a CMS.

The third problem, the noise to content issue, I’ve pretty much put to rest by the happy accident of using microblogging.  Now I signed up to Twitter sometime in 2007 to see what all the fuss was about.  I didn’t really do anything with it till this summer when I needed to know about it for work (and probably foolishly removed my few early tweets since I was using it to test a development at work).  Anyway I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of months now for amongst other things the noise stuff and just consolidating the posts to my blog once a week.  Twitter has the added bonus that unlike blog comments, which tend not to end up being conversational because the lack of a consistent alerting system, twitter can have at least a bit of a discourse.

And the point of this post? I’ve no idea really.  Maybe that blogging, like the web, is still evolving.

Anyway I’m off to do something more useful instead.  Just as soon as I’ve checked Twitter…

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