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Australian Rich Fruit Cake

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

This moist, rich, fruit cake recipe was given to me by a friend from Australia.  Serves 12.


  • 175g Pitted Dates
  • 115g  Ready to Eat dried prunes
  • 200ml Unsweetened Orange Juice
  • 2tbsp Molasses or Black Treacle
  • 2tsp Candied Peel
  • 225g Self Raising Flour (White or Wholemeal)
  • 1tsp Mixed Spice
  • 115g Seedless Raisins
  • 115g Golden Sultanas
  • 115g Currants
  • 115g Cranberries
  • 3 Large Eggs


  1. Preheat oven to 170ºC / Gas Mark 3.
  2. Chop the dates and prunes and place in a pan with the orange juice.  Bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes until very soft.
  3. Meanwhile grease and line a deep 20cm round cake tin.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat and beat the mixture with a fork till it is puréed.
  5. Stir in the Molasses and Candied Peel then leave to cool.
  6. Sift the Flour and Mixed Spice into a bowl.
  7. Mix the remaining Dried Fruit into the flour and make a well at the centre.
  8. Separate the Egg Whites and Yolks into separate bowls.
  9. When it is cool stir the Yolks into the Prune and Date mixture.
  10. Spook the Prune and Date mixture into the Flour gradually working them together with a Wooden Spoon.
  11. Whisk the Egg Whites until stiff.
  12. Gently fold the Egg Whites into the mixture using a metal spoon.
  13. Transfer to the baking tin.
  14. Cook for 1½ hours.
  15. Leave to cool in the tin.
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2 Responses to Australian Rich Fruit Cake

trezeday Thursday, April 1st, 2010

thanks for this information..

Sweetart wedding cakes Monday, January 4th, 2010

Wow! that sounds absolutely delicious, I wish mine turned out like yours though. Hope to get through some more of your recipes later.

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