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Unplanned impworks site Modifications

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

I didn’t intend to make site changes today. An unexpected interaction between a plug-in and an update of WordPress set me off trying to find a fix. I also spotted another tiny problem with one of my own plug-ins so I fixed that and then checking in IE noticed that MS Word html had crept into a post and was breaking the site in IE.

Then I’d been thinking about making some modifications to the navigation: moving the blogrolls to a page to free up some space (analytics showed they were not sending a lot of traffic to anyone anyway). Then I tweaked the feeds block to add twitter and switched to some new icons. I also added a plug-in for related blog posts (I’m not sure if the configuration is perfect yet I’ll have to tweak it as time goes by) and fiddled with the styling of posts a bit. That led me to switching my font stack to one that hopefully covers even more visitors available fonts. That had a knock on effect on some of the layout sizing so I tweaked that and a few of the colours too while I was there. So what was supposed to be a little fix and a tweak has eaten nearly three hours but I’m happy with the changes and hopefully visitors will like them too.

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