impworks Redecorated

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

I’ve finished the first phase of redecorating the impworks web site. I’ve added the sidebar image. I intend to change this fairly often and I may put it on an auto rotation script sometime. I’ve also fiddled with the CSS to move the navigation from right to left on the site. I’d noticed I was losing a higher proportion of bounced visitors using Internet Explorer and they tended to have a lower number of page views per visit too. So I did some cross segment analysis of my browser stats (boring) and I think it was because at lower screen resolutions or with larger font settings the right hand navigation was being pushed off screen. Having tried different options to stop this happening I’ve settled on the move from left to right as the best option. Now I’ll keep an eye on the access data for a few weeks and see if it has fixed the problem.

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