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7th Sea Burning & Ravenloft Ablaze

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

My 7th Sea feature review was my first article for Valkyrie. Its one of my favourite games of all time. At university I took a course on fire relating to building design. So when I was talking to a ‘zine (that I don’t think ever appeared) about 7th Sea articles and they were planning other articles about a major fire it seemed an interesting subject for me to tackle. I wrote it, sent it off and I can’t find any record of hearing about it (or the ‘zine) again. Shortly afterward AEG pulled their support from the game. So 6000 words on 7th Sea and fire sat unused on my computer.

Earlier this week a thread on the Fraternity of Shadows website started about city fires on the Domain of Dread. It reminded me of the 7th Sea article and I’ve begun converting it, where appropriate, to Ravenloft. The Ravenloft version isn’t all ready yet but I thought I’d post the 7th Sea original tonight with the first part of the Ravenloft adaptation with d20 crunch following as I find time.

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