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Quiet because Too Many New Toys

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

If it seems like I’ve gone quite quiet here its because I’m playing with new toys. First of all I’ve been getting to grips with Vue 9 Infinite with its excellent new features. Re-lighting is a wonderful enhancement and is a massive time saver for me. Texture resizing is also a massive time saver for me as I used to resize large image textures manually but now Vue can take care of it for me.

Alongside that I got a copy of CityEngine and I’ve found its pretty easy to lose an evening getting to grips with one part of it. So far I think I’ve got the hang of bringing in terrain data from NASA hgt files, road systems from OpenStreet maps, building street networks and modelling streets and buildings using programatic rules. The facade wizard has managed to stump me at the moment but I probably just need to work through the tutorials to crack it.

I’ve not forgotten gaming in all of this 3D fun. Along with continuing writing on my little RPG I’m using CityEngine to model part of the city my game is set in. My ultimate aim is to be able to render pictures of parts of the city for use as hand outs in game.

I would post something but I hate my early experimentation putting anyone else off either Vue 9 or CityEngine.

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