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Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Or 11 Games every gamer might want to have a look at playing before they fail their saving throw vs. Death

Here are eleven RPGs I love but that didn’t quite make the First 11 RPGs list mostly because I’ve not played them.

Agone – I’ve never actually played Agone but loved the look of the books.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century – The first game I ever ran and I still have a soft spot for it although I’ve not run it in 20 years. However it has many of AD&D 2nd Editions flaws so sadly its on the second 11.

Colonial Gothic – I’m always shocked at how few historical periods have RPGs.  Its like RPGs are turned on their head compared to wargaming and fiction where SF / Fantasy are nice compared to many other periods.  Colonial Gothic dares to go into a period few other games had gone into before and in an interesting way.  Saddly I’ve not had a chance to play it.

Dark Conspiracy – One of the games I turn to when I want inspiration for how it should be done but I’ve only ever played a couple of sessions so I don’t feel I can put it on the first 11.

Original D&D / AD&D (2nd Edition) – I started playing just as 2nd Edition hit the shops but I always felt there was something about it that needed cleaning up. Similarly Original D&D which I like had flaws that needed fixing. Which 3rd Edition did hence it being on the first 11 list.

Hero – Like GURPS (see below) this was just too crunchy for me. I love the source material though.

In Nomine – I’ve played this and enjoyed it but when I was making the first list and second list I kept forgetting it and having a nagging memory of it.  Twice I remembered it and it slipped away.  I ended up having to go through all my RPGs to work out which one I was forgetting and then add it right away.  So on that basis it only makes the second eleven.

GURPS – This has to be here for the quality of the sourcebooks. However the systems a bit heavy for my tastes and I struggled to run it.

Macho Women with Guns – Just for the title and the humour. I’m told it plays well but I’ve never had the pleasure.

Millenniums End – Dared to be an RPG without magic or the supernatural – again sadly somehow I’ve never actually played it so it didn’t qualify for the main list.

Trail of Cthulhu – Another game I’ve just not played enough to really feel I can say either way although I like what I’ve read.

Reserve: For Fairy Queen or Country – Loved the setting idea and wish TSR had given it more air to breath but another game I’ve never really had chance to try.

Second Reserve: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying – High character mortality in games college meant I never really got the chance to play this enough to decide if I liked it or not. Plenty of opportunity to try out the character generation system though.


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