Monday, May 1st, 2006

I started to get to grips with Hex2 yesterday. Certainly easier to work with than Amapi was but I’d still rather be using 3ds Max if I had the money. The biggest annoyance is the frequency with which it crashes. While attempting the first two tutorials it crashed seven times, twice locking the computer. It seems that clicking certain features of the interface while carrying out other actions may send it into a terminal nose dive as will hitting the + or – keys more than once on some operations. So till they patch it Cinema 4D will remain my main modeller

In other news yesterday:

  • I added a grand total of 250 words to the fairy tale noir getting the hero deeper into trouble
  • I got on with some structural stuff for the ABC system. The structure of many of the equivalent of skills are now done.
  • Some poor mugs surfing for porn found this post Busy But Not Creative looking at the stat logs. Probably not what they were hoping for when they searched for "breasts". Good job I didn’t typo the title. They would have been more disappointed.
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2 Responses to Hexed?

Mark Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

I've used Hex2 for a few projects now but I keep falling back on an old copy of Cinema 4D (release 6) from a computer magazine. I'm never quite sure if I don't do a lot of cg model making any more because I've become lazy, was spoilt by using 3DS Max for a year or the tools I've tried just don't agree with my way of working. If I was in the market for something to make a model in these days I'd probably look at C4D, Rhino or Max depending on my budget and needs.

Bob Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Funny, I've just decided to throw in the towel on Hex2 and get myself Cinema 4d r10.

I have a feeling that DAZ is not really a software shop, and won't be able to give Hexagon the attention it deserves. Their record on Bryce isn't encouraging. Too bad e-on didn't buy it instead! Be great to see Hex and Vue bundled together.

It would be a better pairing, IMHO. Using Hex to fix up Poser stuff seems to be overkill.

I'm guessing Hex2: The Fix will be out by late Fall. Just a guess.

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