V5I: VueDynamic 0.2

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Note: VueDynamics is no longer available.

Edit: See http://www.impworks.co.uk/vue/vuedynamics.php for the latest bug fixed version.

I’ve just put uploaded a new version of the VueDynamic script, VueDynamics0_2.zip. Version 0.2 includes two new options for how starting forces are applied (horizontal explosive and 3d explosive. There are also new options to add a variety of rotation animations and to scale objects.

I’ve also included an experimental buoyancy simulation, it sometimes produces odd results and it needs more work but I thought some people might find it fun all the same. It works in two ways – if there is an infinite plain called "Water" in the scene it uses one density for objects under the plain and another for over it. For scenes without an infinite plain called "Water" it just uses the air’s density.

I’ve not finished any animations that show what this version can do. I should post some in the next few days hopefully.

If you need help with using python scripts in Vue 5 Infinite I’ve written a tutorial – Vue Python for Beginners.

The poll to see what I add next will be open till tomorrow night (Sunday 14th May 2006) so if you havn’t voted yet and would like to see V5I: VueDynamics Script Poll.

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