Conspiracy X 2.0

Monday, October 16th, 2006

I’ve not been keeping up with gaming releases of late and I missed Eden Studio’s release of Conspiracy X 2.0 but I’m making up for it now and picked up a copy yesterday. Gone is the system from first edition that I liked but which wasn’t the easiest for players to grasp without reading the book. In has come Eden’s Unisystem used for All Flesh Must Be Eaten and their other games. All the material has been retooled to use the new system. There is also new material and material from sourcebooks in the new core book. Glad to see the Resource Points mechanism for buying stuff has been retained. Conversion rules for moving from first edition to 2.0 are also included.

While there is a lot of material for the Con X background included the game is detailed enough that it would be easy to use it to run any modern techno thriller or conspiracy based game especially if it focuses on the US.

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