Robin Hood Just Not Right?

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I can’t put my finger on it still but after 3 episodes of the new BBC Robin Hood I just don’t find it satisfying. Maybe it’s the anachronisms. Maybe it’s the desire to be modern and relevant to current events. Maybe I prefer my Robin to be a commoner rather than the Robin of Loxley produced to make him more noble a few hundred years ago. Maybe it just seems a bit clean. Maybe it feels like their trying too hard to hit a checklist of boxes drawn up by an executive who likes Dr Who and to a lesser extent Spooks, Hustle and Life on Mars. Maybe it’s the faint wiff of panto that seems to hang over it.

I wasn’t going to compare the new show to Robin of Sherwood because watching it now it looks a bit dated. Watching Parkinson last night with Ray Winston it struck me that Robin of Sherwood’s actors had something about them. Michael Praed, Ray Winston, Mark Ryan, Judi Trott and Clive Mantle all had something about them that can’t put my finger on but it worked. I’m not convinced that there is a Ray Winston or even a Clive Mantle in this cast. There maybe several potential Michael Praed’s though. Hopefully I’m wrong.

One last maybe before I go. Maybe it’s time to reinvent the Sheriff rather than Marion. Alan Rickman’s panto sheriff is the ultimate incarnation of that line of nasty salivating bad guy. Keith Allen needs to take hold of the part and do something different with it. I don’t know what but a Sheriff who makes a boy stand on one leg as punishment for a tiny infraction to show off his power just isn’t it.

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3 Responses to Robin Hood Just Not Right?

Mark Monday, October 23rd, 2006

This lot are a bit similar. RoS was somewhat more lethal with its crew too. Several of them get killed off in an early episode.

I agree about the master at arms too. Should have been in the earlier episodes. Would have made him feel less obviously disposable. Plus Marion suddenly has a secret archer identity whose been around for ages but we don't hear anything about before this episode. A little hint before hand and maybe spinning out the mystery for a couple more episodes would have been more interesting. Well there doesn't seem to be a Friar in this version so maybe Much took religious vows?

If it doesn't pick up soon I'll be going back to watching NCSI on 5.

I'm looking forward to Torchwood on Wednesday on BBC 2.

darkdwarf Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Yeah - I really wanted to like this series, but it's only episode 3 and I'm rapidly going off it.

We spotted the guy who was responsible for the assassinations as soon as he appeared. Bit too obvious that one.

Where did the well spoken Master of Arms of possibly African origin come from? Some background please?
He said he was a "loyal servant" but we hadn't seen him at all until now. Didn't last long anyway. Not much of a "Master" was he?

How come ALL of the henchmen can afford chain mail?

And what's up with Much?
Household theories to date are

1.) He's Gay
2.) He's had his wedding tackle chopped off in the Holy Land.

Or are we reading too much into his character?

I'll keep on watching, but I can see myself being not too bothered if I miss the odd episode.

Anyway, enough of Robin. Have you got BBC3? If so then Whaddayerthink of TORCHWOOD?

Kim Knox Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I think all the Merry Men in RoS used to go out and get pissed together. *grin* There was a sense of commeraderie.

I can't tell one Merry Man from another in this one.

Oh, and next week's trailer looks like Marion might have left her make-up trowel at home. One can only hope...

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