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Too Info Dump or Not to Info Dump that is the question

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

I’ve been struggling to decide how to handle the next step in the Noir Fairy Tail. The main character has made a trip from China to Britain to enlist an experts help. I could have the expert mysterious solve the heroes problem so he can carry on with the action in what would be a fairly straightforward deus ex machina. I can have him explain the underlying reality of the setting their inhabiting which ends up moving the story from fantasy to being science fiction. It ends up as a huge info dump and risks inflicting a Midi-chlorians like destruction of the mystical elements of the setting.

I’ve decided to go with the info dump route. Hopefully doing it now rather than four stories on I avoid the risk of destroying the setting’s integrity. Hopefully I’ve managed to make it interesting enough that it won’t bore readers to tears too.

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