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Cop Night #5: A night with the Fuzz

Saturday, February 24th, 2007
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Hot Fuzz is far too funny and clever for its own good. I hate Messrs Pegg and Wright for the ridiculously high level of humour they maintained throughout the film. I despise them for their effortless references to action films from around the world; to the plot structure beloved by Bruckheimer Simpson Bay and associates; to every cliche without once labouring them and to twee British detective shows set in twee villages (probably staring an actor once known for playing Bergerac who will be remembered for a scene in which he played tiddly winks in bed with Leela in what was probably the least sexy attempt to indicate two characters having had carnal knowledge to grace British television). I hate them for a cast so perfectly assembled for their mission that a certain Mr Phelps with all his folders couldn’t have done a better job. There was no way that they could have needed to disavow this mission. I hate them because I laughed when everyone was laughing (and Kim was shrieking so loud I couldn’t hear anyone else laughing). And I was laughing when no one else was as I spotted a passing reference to the works of one of the masters of the action genre or geekery. My sides hurt at the end from laughing so much that I may have to take a small claims court action for damages. I hate them because if I could write something 1/100 that funny I’d be happy. May they all rot in hell with the oodles of cash this film will make and continue to make for years to come on DVD.

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One Response to Cop Night #5: A night with the Fuzz

Kim Knox Saturday, February 24th, 2007

I *did not* shriek... much ;-)

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