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Saturday on Saturday (Just)

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

After a couple of days when I’ve been churning out words for my noir fairy tale with an enjoyable ease today things slowed down a bit. Still managed to get the 500 words down to push past the 60,000 point. Not bad for a story I didn’t expect to be more than 15,000. The pieces are falling in to place for the hero with the dark secret just being revealed that sits behind the plot. I think that may be why I’m struggling. There is a fair amount of exposition to work through and I’m trying to avoid it being too dry. It helps that the dark secret has a really nasty physical revelation at it’s heart and knowing a certain amount of what’s going to happen next helps too as I know I’ve got some juicy action to write.

This being Saturday I’ve also had to deal with all those everyday dull jobs. At least there was Doctor Who to enjoy. Good episode nicely put together. The trailer for the rest of the series is up with some interesting teasers. Given that Doctor Who won’t be on next week because of Eurovision I do wonder at the brains in BBC scheduling department. I’ve not spent years at scheduling school to learn that a special edition of the Weakest Link will get them a bigger audience for Eurovision than starting the evening with Doctor Who.

And some bright spark in ITV’s scheduling department clearly thinks you can get a bigger audience share by starting a show 10 minutes earlier than advertised. So I turn on Parkinson. David Tennant is finishing his segment. I switch TV off again. I wonder how many others did the same. I wonder how many potential eyes on adverts were lost because a published schedule is just something to easily abandon? Still I’m sure ITV is making enough money not to worry.

Anyway the new trailer for Doctor Who is good and worth watching again…

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