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In Search of a Lazy Susan

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Usual saturday chores and on the shopping list was a Lazy Susan or a similar rotating stable surface for a computer graphics project. Why did I need a rotatable stand all may become clear (or if it doesn’t work it wont). I ended up hiking round Liverpool’s shops trying to find somewhere selling one and that wasn’t enhanced. In time honoured fashion the one place I didn’t try on my way past and that I only decided to look in on the way back to catching the bus because it wasn’t out of my way was the place that had one. Thank you Mr Wilkinson.

I’ve also been looking at the new map sharing features on Google Maps and this seemed an ideal chance to show how easy it is now to share an annotated map. To see how my quest wandered go to Google Map of My Quest. Clearly there are many more useful things you could do with this and you can also share your maps as part of their search.

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