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Monday, May 28th, 2007

Its taken me most of today to get to this which given today was a rather gloomy bank holiday it shouldn’t have. I split yesterday between wxPython in Action, Boston Legal and Mambo.

Mambo in some ways was the easiest of the three as I got it up and running with only two references to the support documentation. One to get the WYSIWYG editor working and one to get SEO friendly URLs working. I’m not going to use it for the impworks site but I’ve been asked about it at work a couple of times and it seems like it might be the tools to help friends who want to make web sites but don’t want to fuss around with learning html create their own sites.

wxPython in Action is a well written technical guide to using wxPython! By the end of the day I’d ploughed my way to past page 100 and not written any code. I have covered a lot of theory which given my past track record with learning to code GUI applications is not a bad thing.

Boston Legal has given me a convenient opportunity to relax between chapters. Kim recommended it to me. Well more told me I had to watch it. Repeatedly. She was right. Other than the annoying theme music I’m really enjoying it.

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