Talentless Spammers

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

I doubt the individual responsible for this post will ever read it. I have no intention of replying to their e-mail by e-mail. I’d like thank them for their kind offer on information on how I can reduce spam to my site through my contact form but I really don’t need their help. I’ve been working as a professional web developer for 10 years. I can write a bit of code myself. Given they are clearly also the source of the spam messages for watches and other products I’ve no interest in having any dealings with them. I’m guessing they were also the source six months ago when they previously spammed me through the script. They may also have been the person who tried to use the contact form to mass mail.

In all three cases they failed to achieve anything and wasted their time trying. It can’t be used to mass mail because it is a small custom script that I wrote myself that delivers the message by a route I’m not going to divulge here but they won’t go to anyone but me. It’s not an off the shelf script that will fall to the known vulnerabilities they tried to hit it with.

As to sending spam to it that goes to me it was less than five minutes work each time to change the script so whatever they were using to send me the spam stopped working. I’ve spent longer writing this post than it took to fiddle with the script to stop the spam. Maybe they’ll notice it isn’t working sooner than six months this time. If it becomes a real nuisance I can add captcha and other human checking mechanisms easily to stop them or I can just pull the script from the site. I’d rather not but I won’t lose any sleep if I have to.

Maybe they think I’m a business that will pay them cash to leave me alone. I’m not. I’m a private individual with a personal web site to put some stuff on I want to. I make no money from it and certainly won’t pay any scammer or blackmailer a penny. I will take logs of their actions and pass them to the appropriate authorities for action if they make themselves a nuisance. Just like I’d call the police if I saw someone trying to extort money on the street.

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