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Tonight I've Mostly Been Playing with CSS 3

Friday, July 13th, 2007

There are some pages on the impworks site that I want to improve the layout on. The Vue links directory, the impworks home page and the main impworks vue page need sprucing up. I was contemplating a multi column design as one solution. While looking at various solutions I came across some CSS3 examples. CSS 3 has been slowly simmering at W3C for a long time without it finishing cooking. Unfortunately only bits and pieces of CSS 3 are available in different browsers at the moment. Mozilla has some useful multi column display code that could improve the link directory page in particular but till all the browsers support it I’m going to have to write a cludgier piece of html and css to achieve this. Still it was fun playing with opactity, rounded corners, drop shadows and the new CSS selectors for an hour or so.

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