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I ain't gonna play (Link) Spam City

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I got an e-mail tonight. The kind that I should ignore. The kind that really gets me angry. It’s a simple offer. If I link to a web site that they think relates to mine they’ll put links on two web sites back to mine. Sounds like a good deal. Well it may be for them but a very quick investigation shows it’s not for me. Sure the sites they will link to me from are higher page rank than my site. Their also complete spam. The content on both of them is ripped straight off Mozilla and a Global warming web site. Neither has any content that relates to my site in any way. If either of them was trading their URLs would make them phishing sites. Really the kind of places I want to associate with my site.

Normally I’d have just written it off at this point and deleted the mail. I looked at the site that wants the link. They are selling framed butterflies. Not artificial ones. Real ones. They claim they are rare species on their site. I’m no expert on South American butterflies. They don’t describe how they source them. I certainly want nothing to do with them or their filthy trade. So after I’ve posted this I’m off to Google webmaster central to report their spam sites. In the grand scheme of things it won’t make a lot of difference but it’s a little thing I can do.

I ain’t gonna play (Link) Spam City.

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