NitS: Draft 2

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I’ve twenty pages of NitS left to work over on the second draft. I’ve now got most of the mini cyclopedia of locations, characters, species and other such stuff. That will help me flesh out the details and keep track of it as I go along. I’ve also got a short list of the three incomplete scenes that I’ll tackle in draft three.

I’m pretty happy with the inner story as told by the character in the hospital bed. I’m not so happy with the outer story as told by the detective investigating how he got to the hospital bed. Partly thats because the events of the inner story affect the outer story and I’m finishing firming those details up. Partly its because I need to do research on a few topics to give it more of the feel of a modern procedural detective story. Partly I’m just not as comfortable with the characters in the outer part. The ones in the inner story have a larger than life quality, the outer story ones need to stand up against that and act as a contrast by being strong characters but also being more believable in a real world context.

So I’m going to do my research for the outer story while doing the third draft and then I’ll write the outer story from scratch in the fourth draft. So I have a plan. Now I just need to find the time to do it.

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