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Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I had a little shopping trip today to pick up a few bits and pieces including a floor lamp with three little spot lamps. After a little self assembly following the instructions I plugged it in. Everything looked great till I started adjusting where the lamps pointed – the lights started dimming every time I touched it as though there was a dodgy connection somewhere. So I turned it off and inspected the all the cable but it looked fine so I plugged it back in and tried it again. Still it keeps fading to orange. So I check the instructions and in the small print on fault finding it warns me that when adjusting the brightness when the lamps have been in use for some time the lamps may be hot. Not rocket science. Lamps get hot. Hang on – when adjusting the lamps brightness…

So I look the unit over for a dimmer switch or switches. Nothing on the lamps, nothing on the little black box with the transformed in it on the mains cable. No other mention on the instructions. Nothing on the very simple white box it came in.

A quick check on the WWW and I find the answer. The unit has touch controlled dimming. While I’m used to them hiding details of features on DVD players and such like to increase sales on higher priced models its the first time I’ve seen it done on a lamp. Still not complaining. Mystery solved.

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