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All Joomla! and no Play makes Mark…

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

… really tired.

Just finished a couple of month long project in Joomla! at work including a solid weekend in the office last week to finish it off. I’ve learnt a lot about Joomla! although there are somethings I still need to learn. Its an interesting content management system with a different way of approaching a site from most of the other CMSs I’ve worked with before. My biggest gruipe with it would be that the administration interface needs some work to make it more user friendly. It doesn’t, for example, retain the state of many of its displays between actions. So, say, you list all the modules on a site in a particular position, then you deactivate one of them you have to set the filter up again. It would also be nice to be able to quicly find out all the modules that are on a particular page. Hopefully the development team will add workflow improvements like those in the future rather than getting caught up in a never ending headline grabbing new features.

Anyway I’m now playing catch up with life. My last load of washing finished an hour ago and I’ve caught up on a lot of the last months Vue news. I’m hoping to get some time to write and play with Vue too.

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